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  Baby Boomers are providing a boost to the economy by surpassing all other generations in buying new cars.  Bloomberg reported in this article  that according to […]
A few days ago I wrote about making use of your local library. I came across this article that has some great books on the […]
I came across this piece published on  It’s good to acknowledge and be aware of stereotypes that are out there for the baby boom […]
There has been some speculation over the last few years about the future of libraries as local governments look for ways to cut back on […]
As you age, keeping active can help to mitigate the risk many age related diseases. Unfortunately according to this article in US News and World […]
A company in the Boston area apparently has seen the value of employing and retaining older workers.  According to this article in the Toronto Star, […]
Do you need to make a determination about your ability to finance retirement?  This can be a difficult question to answer if you have worked […]
Admittedly, this lifestyle is not for everyone.  If you are adventurous and filled with wanderlust, you should check out this article.  Lynn Martin tells the […]
Thinking about relocating to get more for your money? Are you changing your home base for a short time? If you’re thinking about moving and […]
Hidden among the rolling hills of Southeastern Minnesota is an unspoiled treasure that few folks outside of Minnesota have experienced. The Historic Bluff Country Scenic […]